Dr. Rosenthal has this incredible way of teaching the interesting, yet sometimes overwhelming, topic of neurology by breaking it up into easy to understand components and providing both parents and professionals with practical treatment solutions.
— Malen Kemp (mother of a child with Autism and a practicing pediatric physical therapist for 22 years)

I first met Dr. David Rosenthal in 2008 when he showed up at my office to explore what we were doing with mutual clients. He added great value to my modalities and he must’ve found some value because he kept coming back. I found his thinking and suggestions created more effectiveness in the way I was treating our mutual clients. Later he begin teaching classes explaining more in depth his paradigm and basis of treatment. When I implemented these, clients established greater neurological changes and balance, moving more quickly toward the speech and language goals that I have for my clients. I have sent family and friends as well as myself for treatment by Dr. Rosenthal. I am so pleased with his manner, his connections with both young and old, and his ability to explain and bridge philosophical gaps for me to have practical strategies to use in my practice. I could not recommend Dr. David Rosenthal more and I refer to him clients to him often.
— Jane Shook, M.S., CCC, SLP is the Director of the Center for Therapeutic Strategies located in Dallas, Texas. She received her M.S. from North Texas State University, and subsequently was awarded a graduate fellowship in Speech-Language Pathology. She has over thirty years experience in public school and private practice, with a specialty in working with children and adults who have processing and other language and learning disabilities using a sensory integration model since 1973.

I have known Dr. Rosenthal since 2010. As I have been treated by him, I am constantly amazed by his ability to problem-solve and apply creative approaches to help resolve some of my chronic issues. I have attended numerous courses where he has taught over several days and I really enjoy his engaging style as a teacher and lecturer. He has the ability to make complex material understandable and applicable. I have consulted with Dr. Rosenthal on numerous difficult neurologic cases. He has provided advice and insight that have caused breakthrough results for my patients. I will continue to attend his courses and subscribe to his programs because I learn so many things from them that I can immediately use in my practice to serve patients at a higher level.
— Jason L. Smith, DC (Dr. Smith is a chiropractic physician, Board-certified in functional neurology, vestibular and brain rehabilitation. In practice since 1998, he is the owner of Utah Spine and Brain, a chiropractic neurology clinic.)